Support Services

Here at Coolaburoo we are proud to offer a range of programs and services focused on providing support to those in our community who are in need.

It’s made a big difference to the lives of our clients. Whenever you visit Coolaburoo Neighbourhood Centre, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

Our support services include:

Carers Support Group

This group helps to establish a supportive network for local carers in an environment where their role is understood, valued and respected. The group offers referrals, access to information and advice, as well as social, educational and recreational activities for group participants.

Friendship Support Group

Ideal for those living with health issues &/or disability who want to make friends and build their social networks. Every Tuesday 10am.


We offer individual, couple and family counselling in a safe environment where you can discuss issues such as grief and loss, relationship problems, job less, blended families, depression and many more.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Weekly meetings for those impacted by alcohol addiction. A safe place to share, learn from each other and strengthen your support network.

Thursdays from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm 

NOTE: Due to Covid-19 we will only be able to have 10 people per meeting and anyone entering must have their temperature checked, use sanitizer, provide first name and phone number (which will be kept confidential by CNC unless required in the case of an outbreak) and stay in allocated seating during the meeting.

Domestic & Family Violence Support

Feel free to contact us and speak to our Counsellor  who also works with a anyone experiencing domestic or Family Violence.

Wise Owls

Women's only group for all ages, cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Provides nighttime activities and support for local participants who experience social isolation.


Social Butterflies

Occassional day time outings to fun and exciting places to socialise, learn and experience new things. Some of the favourites include trips to beautiful restaurants, cherry picking, performances and concerts.

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