• Dee Wilson

Livening up your workplace

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a workplace all day that’s dull and boring. Spaces like these cause reduced productivity, lack of creativity and higher staff turnover. Consider the following tips when it comes to bringing life to your office:


There’s no better way to bring life to a workplace than by introducing real plants. Greenery provides numerous benefits, including:

  • The presence of plants makes the air cleaner.

  • Plants increase creativity - research suggests that looking at nature, even just pictures of nature allow you to relax more, thus encouraging creativity.

  • Plantlife in an office makes the workplace more inviting to customers, clients and potential employees.


An office where staff members are part of the aesthetics of the building brings spirit and life to the space. Encouraging staff to display photos and trinkets that are important to them around their workspace is a great way to not only bring the physical space to live but it also allows staff to feel more comfortable.

Natural light

Natural light in a workplace has many benefits, not just in terms of livening the workplace, including:

  • Helps employees engage more in their work, and with each other.

  • Those exposed to natural light are more likely to sleep better, which means they will perform better at work.

  • Office utility costs should reduce if natural light is optimised rather than synthetic lighting.


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