• Dee Wilson

Fostering a great workplace culture

A workplace can be styled one hundred different ways to try and create a positive and productive space. Ultimately, you need to focus on how it feels more so than what it looks like if you are trying to foster a workplace with a great culture; one that employees are happy to show up at day in and day out.

Consider the following tips when it comes to creating that workplace culture.

Emphasise during recruitment

When hiring, you shouldn’t solely focus on who the most skilled candidate is. You should also consider other factors such as the ability to work as a team, willingness to help others out, whether their values align with the values of the organisation. Remember, skills can be taught much easier than values can be adopted.

Promote social interaction

A workplace where staff feel connected is one that provides so much more than an income to workers. Full-time workers spend approximately forty hours a week in the office; that’s more time than they spend with their families or their friends. Creating a work environment where employees can find friendship in one another and where social engagement can be incorporated into an otherwise mundane day is a fantastic strategy to develop a fun and healthy workplace culture.

Team goal setting

In many workplaces, employees work on their own individual projects, or in small groups. Rarely does a whole organisation work together on one goal. The benefit of having one common goal is that it creates a sense of belonging and pride to be a part of something big. If you would like a team goal, think outside the box and think about fundraising opportunities. Maybe your office can do a Christmas Toy Drive, a Bushfire Relief or raise funds for a specific medical condition.

Encourage positive leadership

You don’t have to be in a leadership position to demonstrate positive leadership. A great way to improve workplace culture and encourage positive leadership is to allow staff to take ownership over a specific task, and let them know what a great job they are doing and that they are ‘leading the project’ very well. It’s easy to give your team a pat on the back and acknowledge their hard work, and it creates wonderful trickle on effects for the culture of the organisation.


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