Our story


To Help …
In the relief of poverty, distress and misfortune affecting residents of the South Ward of Bankstown.

To Direct …
Those needing help to the most appropriate resource Centre if assistance is beyond our own resources.

To Develop …
A community where the principles of social justice and access and equity are practiced and where the disadvantaged are encouraged to decide their own futures and make their own choices.

To Seek …
Appropriate funding to address the identified needs of the community and provide suitable facilities for the Coolaburoo Neighbourhood Centre to function effectively.


Coolaburoo Neighbourhood Centre Inc. was established as a project of the Bankstown Community Resource Group in 1993 to provide community services to the outlying districts of Bankstown, especially South Bankstown which was at that time served by no community organisation.

Since that time a number of partnerships have been formed with CNC to deliver services and specific projects to the residents of South Bankstown and surrounding areas.

CNC and staff have been located in a rented cottage for the most part in 5 Polo Street Revesby.

In 2009 Bankstown City Council formally leased the Padstow Park Progress Hall to Coolaburoo Neighbourhood Centre located at 11 Ryan Road, Padstow. 


Coolaburoo Neighbourhood Centre (CNC) is a community based Neighbourhood Centre which relies on funding from Government agencies primarily for its functioning. It is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act of 1984 New South Wales. The main funding body is the Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS). The funds are paid under the Department Community Services Grants Program (CSGP).

The purpose of the fund is to help provide services to individuals and communities within Bankstown and the South Bankstown area in particular. The nature of the services have a social and community orientation. These services are designed to improve the health and well-being of the community, strengthen social networks to assist in the community building process in partnership with other government and non-government community agencies.

The Coolaburoo Neighbourhood Centre Inc. is funded to meet wage cost of core staff and to provide a significant contribution towards rent and administrative expenses.

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