Kids & Youth

Kids and youth are the future leaders of the community. We've seen on numerous occasions the brilliance that can emerge when they are given the right environment to learn, play and explore.

We offer a number of activities to engage our local kids and youth, including:

Playgroup @ the Roo

A fun weekly meet up to relax, socialise and share advice for parents and their bubs.

Padstow PiKassos

These classes will give young people the opportunity to learn some new art skills as well as meet new friends and socialise in a friendly environment.

Pen Pals

A fun and creative writing workshop for primary students to compose and send letters to their pen pal, a senior citizen in the local community.

Kool Kidz Pay it Forward

A social justice group for kids and youth to meet and discuss things that matter to them. Coolaburoo will help facilitate activities that will address the issues that matter to the kids, through  community awareness, fundraising, volunteering and community events.

Homework Help

Homework assistance for school aged students. An hour to focus on their education, homework and assessments without distractions.

School Holiday Activities

Coolaburoo offer a number of exciting activities each school holidays to allow kids, youth and families to get outdoors and try something new.

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