Coolaburoo are proud of the unique and wonderful families living in the local area. We enjoy running various activities to enrich the lives of these families and to help each family build strong networks and support around them.

'Over the Yanada' playgroup

The 'Over the Yanada' playgroup meet from 10am-11am on Wednesdays with a focus on being outdoors in nature and being present with our loved ones. Morning tea and activities provided.

Communal Market

Families who participate pay money to a kitty that we then use to buy fresh produce by bulk at the fruit and vegetable market. We divide the food up upon returning to the centre and families enjoy a banquet of delicious and healthy foods.

Family Day Trips

Throughout the school holidays, Coolaburoo offer exciting excursions for families. We visit lots of interesting places and participate in fun activities, such as fruit picking and going to festivals.

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