Education & Outreach

One of our main focuses at Coolaburoo is to bring the community together through education and outreach. We offer a number of programs, including:

Pink Hammers

Focuses on learning basic skills in home maintenance such as fixing leaking taps, repairing holes on the walls, creaky doors, painting and gardening etc.

Natural Creations

Learn the art of soap and candle making. This popular workshop gives you the opportunity to experience the creativity and satisfaction of making candles, scrubs and soaps for yourself.

Stirring the Pot @ the Roo

Grab a friend and come down to our delicious cooking project. You will learn new home cooking styles and techniques. Share your favourite recipes and add many new ones to your daily menu.


Provides adults with the opportunity to learn how to create your very own mosaic works of art. Try something simple and learn how it all comes together or create a more complex piece.

Wdsnesdays 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm​

NOTE: Due to Covid-19 we will only be able to have 10 people per class in back room so booking is essential before attending and anyone entering must have their temperature checked, use sanitizer, provide first name and phone number (which will be kept confidential by CNC unless required in the case of an outbreak) and stay in allocated seating during the class.

Sit and Sew

Bring along your sewing machine and learn new skills and sewing techniques or share your sewing skills with other sewing enthusiasts in a fun and social environment.

Boomerang Bags

Meeting once a month, the members of Boomerang Bags create reusable shopping bags from recycled materials. The aim is to practice and encourage sustainability.


Come along to learn new skills or share your own knowledge of sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery and more in a fun and social environment. No experience is needed, just bring your own materials and have fun.

Job Seeker Assistance

If you need help with Resume writing or cover letter our staff are more than happy to help and can even do mock interviews to get you ready for that dream job. 

Various Training

Coolaburoo also offer various different training and workshops throughout the year, such as First Aid, eSafety for Women, Nutrition and Food Handling.

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