How to explain Coronavirus to kids

This PDF picture book was created by Manuela Molina from MindHeart and is a great resource for explaining Coronavirus to kids.

COVID-19 Information Directory

Canterbury City Community Centre has released a coronavirus Information directory, full of valuable resources and contact information to local services.

Normal Life Has Been Disrupted

Occupational Therapy Australia has created a downloadable resource exploring ways to manage the disruption caused by COVID-19.

How To Wash Hands Properly

The World Health Organisation have released a great PDF detailed the correct way to wash your hands properly.

Low Cost and Free Meals Directory

There are a number of organisations and services that provide free and low-cost meal options for those living in the Canterbury Bankstown area. Download the PDF to find out more.

Coping with Stress related to COVID-19

headspace has a whole range of amazing resources on their website relating to mental health and wellbeing. download the fact sheet on ways to cope with COVID-19 stress.

Mental Health supports for Young People

NSW School Link has created a PDF listing a range of organisations who focus on mental health and young people. This resources is particularly useful during COVID-19 isolation.


NSW Government Media Release: Mark Speakman
Attorney General and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

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